Find your War Drum

Functional Art meant to inspire

Knives and tools

Carbon steel knives taking inspiration from history, fine dining restaurants and world class blacksmiths, I create knives that work well and look good doing it.

Whether you are working outdoors, or in a kitchen. Prepping food, or preparing for battle – War drum knives are designed to go head to head with the toughest tests you can imagine, and look good doing it.

No two knives are the same, that is what it means to be hand crafted and hand forged. Steel, fire, a hammer and an anvil is a very primal and ancient practice that lends life and usefulness to materials.

My goal is to create something useful, a tool and art all at once. You don’t buy a War Drum knife, it chooses you.

See what its like in the forge…

Find the knife for you