About The Blacksmith

years of experience
Owner, Blacksmith/Bladesmith

Hi! I’m Max Schroeder

Cybersecurity expert by day, father/husband/blacksmith on the nights and weekends. In a previous life I was a chef, a sommelier and at one point an expert in Arms and ammunition – I create knives that draw on those experiences.

I make knives because I have to, there is something in me that needs to create and my personal War Drum is the hammer hitting steel on an anvil. 


What They Say:

“One of the most unique and functional knives I will likely ever own…The weight and comfort is spot on, the edge retention is amazing. Took down 800 pounds of beef in a weekend like it was nothing”
For Professionals

By Chefs for Chefs

Whether you are a pro, a weekend warrior or a home cook, my kitchen knives are made with the intention to be used. They should be the first knife you take off the block as you know it will do the job.

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